Well it was nice to find out that we have a water supply just outside the paddock and getting it into the paddock will be a really straight forward job and relatively cheap!

Unfortunately they cannot put the water supply in until planning has been granted which means we will need to keep using bottled water for the time been.

Nothing New

Well I have added nothing to the blog for ages, because nothing has happened and nothing is likely to happen for a while. I have spent the last 4 months designing and doing drawings on autocad.

We submitted the pre plan application (PREAPP) which is still a free service with Scottish Borders Council. This was to gauge the water in what we might be allowed to get away with.

Suprisingly the council have agreed in principal to our works and our layout with the only real comments being

  • Velux to our bedroom being to large
  • The 4 velux windows to Karys bedroom too large and must be conservation type
  • details required of the glazed screen on the gallery
  • positioning in the paddock of the garage, and the style of the garage

Basically I can pretty much build what I have designed, so I have to turn my drawings into planning drawings, draw a few more and submit the application.

I will upload some of the drawings soon as I work out how

Why !

A bit of the history of our moment of madness

Well we have for sometime now talked about moving back to Scotland! And we have for sometime talked about doing either a renovation or conversion or even a new build.

I read an article a lot of years back about someone who bought a church and turned it into a house and thought what a brilliant idea, then since the introduction of the internet I starting looking at church renovations and reading articles about it online.

We have all watched the amazing programmes that George Clarke does and thought to ourselves “I could do that” unfortunately there is those that think it and there are those that do it. We wanted to be the doers.

But how do you go about it ? where do you start?. Then I one day wrote into my Google box ‘Wrecks for Sale’ and after trawling through the pages of everything from shipwrecks to crap husbands! I stumbled across a website called ‘Wreck of the Week’

On that website I found an article of someone that had converted a church, the person had kindly wrote a paragraph about where to find church properties for sale, and low and behold it turned out that right at the bottom of the Church of Scotland website was a small tab “properties for sale”

I went, I clicked and I was gob smacked at the properties for sale and at how good value they seemed, there had to be a catch! There was several!!

I visited the site for years, wishing I had the money to buy and do one up, because as you have guessed they are virtually non-mortgageable.

So What Next

The church was last renovated an amazing 168 years ago in 1848, here are the drawings showing the original layout before! Amazing quality and all hand drawn. Ours, coming soon will be a tad different


Eckford Church

Here we Go!

We have been asked and keep getting asked about our church, why did we buy it? What are we going to do with it? What about the graves?  And millions of other questions.

We have decided the best way to record events and keep those who want to know, is to keep a blog!

So here it is, we’re going to back date it over the next few days/weeks so by the end of the month it should be up to date and will be kept up to date.

We plan to add pictures and videos, if only to keep a record for ourselves and maybe prompt discussion from others

Hope you enjoy